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Satta King December 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad

Satta King November 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad

Satta King October 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad

Satta King September 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad
2021-09-01 XX 56 82 05
2021-09-02 81 31 14 14
2021-09-03 80 38 88 01
2021-09-04 60 02 37 53
2021-09-05 87 22 64 11
2021-09-06 28 34 44 41
2021-09-07 46 18 14 36
2021-09-08 28 45 00 20
2021-09-09 60 58 36 86
2021-09-10 25 86 52 31
2021-09-11 98 25 40 05
2021-09-12 84 08 49 65
2021-09-13 75 75 60 36
2021-09-14 45 XX XX XX
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Satta King August 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad
2021-08-01 XX 19 89 56
2021-08-02 14 82 58 09
2021-08-03 39 91 48 68
2021-08-04 19 84 47 59
2021-08-05 02 87 95 95
2021-08-06 45 69 35 93
2021-08-07 21 29 85 32
2021-08-08 86 66 61 91
2021-08-09 44 68 05 47
2021-08-10 81 81 27 78
2021-08-11 61 15 61 80
2021-08-12 63 46 37 57
2021-08-13 44 52 23 50
2021-08-14 45 83 68 02
2021-08-15 18 91 33 34
2021-08-16 40 12 64 19
2021-08-17 95 80 23 23
2021-08-18 44 40 22 85
2021-08-19 30 32 92 18
2021-08-20 11 63 43 34
2021-08-21 60 78 03 08
2021-08-22 03 50 52 73
2021-08-23 37 53 52 59
2021-08-24 91 08 62 74
2021-08-25 63 49 92 53
2021-08-26 29 14 58 61
2021-08-27 84 12 82 29
2021-08-28 09 92 50 98
2021-08-29 28 39 17 59
2021-08-30 63 20 61 78
2021-08-31 59 XX XX XX

Satta King July 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad
2021-07-01 XX 74 34 38
2021-07-02 08 60 08 08
2021-07-03 13 35 75 86
2021-07-04 27 89 90 05
2021-07-05 75 77 18 93
2021-07-06 58 21 11 94
2021-07-07 05 95 03 94
2021-07-08 91 45 91 59
2021-07-09 57 34 78 13
2021-07-10 05 73 35 85
2021-07-11 61 52 87 48
2021-07-12 84 93 11 13
2021-07-13 64 85 30 83
2021-07-14 83 12 44 54
2021-07-15 60 53 33 54
2021-07-16 11 76 61 24
2021-07-17 81 43 40 16
2021-07-18 47 59 01 29
2021-07-19 74 01 12 41
2021-07-20 37 61 49 83
2021-07-21 76 49 76 66
2021-07-22 56 23 82 17
2021-07-23 19 29 01 22
2021-07-24 56 64 77 88
2021-07-25 35 06 16 20
2021-07-26 82 31 02 01
2021-07-27 35 49 84 48
2021-07-28 40 01 25 99
2021-07-29 88 06 27 32
2021-07-30 77 89 03 86
2021-07-31 28 XX Xx XX
Satta King Result.

History of Satta King?

In the United States of America, the satta king game was first started which used to involve betting on the opening and closing prices of cotton which was transmitted from the Newyork cotton exchange. The New York cotton exchange, stopped the practice in the 1960s after which the bookies started to bet on the random numbers. There were two big bookies Kalyanji Bhagat and Ratan khatri and the entire credit for starting Satta king in India goes to them. In India, satta king was first played in Mumbai. The idea of choosing a random number from the pot was started by the big better Ratan Khatri in the year of 1961. According to his plan, 1-100 numbers will be written on the slips and the player has to select a number without seeing.However, in the country, playing Satta is strictly illegal but playing Satta Matka online is legal. It leaves no traces of any evidence of how it is played or from where one is playing or how much money one is investing. Therefore this is no risk in online gambling.In 1867, since the British government has declared the public gambling act, gambling has become illegal in India.

In the earlier 1950s, Satta Matka was known as "Ankada Jugar". This game will help you to earn a lot of money if played properly in a calm and sober mind. In sattaking, there will be many slips where various numbers will be written in a Satta Matka out of which only one distinctive number can win the lottery.

How to play Satta king game?

In this game, there will be a pot where 0-99 numbers will be there and the player has to select a number from the pot and invest money in that number. The company or website under whom you are playing the Satta king game will display a number. If the company's number matches with the players' selected number then he will be considered as the winner and the satta king of the game. He will be getting triple the amount the money he has invested. This game can totally change your future in no time. This game is a perfect way to earn a huge amount of money within a short span of time. Satta King game is played only in India in the name of sattaking Satta Disawar. With different state names, it is played in several states of India such as sattaking Kashipur, sattaking Faridabad, sattaking delhibazar, sattaking nagpur, sattaking Gujarat, Sattaking Gali.

How can you find a perfect winning number?

All you need is the winning number to make money from the Satta king game. To draw this winning number, there is no such mathematical formula or calculations. Just by looking at the old Satta king chart people just guess the number. There are many people who play many numbers at the same time. They invest different amounts of money from different numbers starting from 0 to 99. Most new players who already have an ample amount of money from beforehand only tend to apply this method and also in the greed of earning more money. There are many bookies around who sell their predicted numbers according to their calculations by looking at the old records of the game. There is no such possibility that their number will only win. Their numbers are guessed based on their experience related to the game and sometimes it can win also. It is a game that is completely unpredictable. It is a luck-based game. You can win this game only if your luck is in your favour.

Satta King June 2021 Chart

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad
2021-06-01 XX 66 97 48
2021-06-02 88 42 16 18
2021-06-03 45 55 32 47
2021-06-04 39 33 23 98
2021-06-05 29 82 24 73
2021-06-06 97 57 88 43
2021-06-07 01 40 41 87
2021-06-08 25 55 99 11
2021-06-09 23 99 60 11
2021-06-10 15 25 97 98
2021-06-11 47 06 09 82
2021-06-12 15 98 41 46
2021-06-13 47 41 21 92
2021-06-14 75 93 32 17
2021-06-15 21 34 87 48
2021-06-16 39 06 46 64
2021-06-17 30 84 36 95
2021-06-18 65 34 05 61
2021-06-19 33 75 04 82
2021-06-20 94 31 20 36
2021-06-21 09 75 04 60
2021-06-22 70 99 65 31
2021-06-23 74 57 70 63
2021-06-24 72 36 05 59
2021-06-25 19 97 76 73
2021-06-26 38 82 06 32
2021-06-27 40 17 94 72
2021-06-28 71 31 71 24
2021-06-29 27 81 46 60
2021-06-30 14 XX XX XX
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Certain guidelines to be known before playing the satta king game

One should be completely ruthless to make some money by gambling. You need to play this game wisely to win. One should keep complete and up to date knowledge about the Satta king game.There is no such strict demand for the game. If you want to win this game then you have to keep in mind certain things. Do not hold any greed about winning because out of greed you may lose focus and lose all your money. Do not pay an excessive amount of money on the numbers. You should not invest all your money on one number especially if you are a new learner you should start betting on the minimum amount of money at the starting.The game is created in such a way that it will automatically attract a huge number of players because of the winning money they offer you at the end. Many people start playing this game thinking that they will win a good amount that might change their life.

Keeping a positive mindset before playing the game will automatically boost up your confidence. Change your destiny by playing this game at least once in your lifetime.

How to view the satta king chart?

Satta king chart records include the combination of Satta results of all the Popular games of the satta king market. According to the rules of the game, all every game open its results on a daily basis on a time which is fixed for every day and that is decided by the owner of the website. There are visitors who come to check the website in search of the old results of the game and because of that, the owner has created a page on its site for such users so they can see the old and present results of any game. According to the date and years, the satta results are arranged. You will get the old results very easily and it is recorded on the website as a record which will be beneficial for you in the future. For the visitors, these satta king charts are very much essential as it helps the visitors and people who come to guess but does not plays, to extract the correct winning number, which can then result of any satta game and is mostly called the satta leak number in the satta king market. For any satta king website, this satta king record chart is a backbone as it helps the visitor to stand in fact of having such a tough competitive market.

Some websites keep the record of results of all the best and popular games of the satta king market. Easy access has been made for the users to check the record charts. Due to this flexibility provided by the website, the visitors and guessers can also decide to play the satta king game someday and has a high possible chance of winning the game and a huge amount of money.

How is Satta king Gali different from the satta king game?

Satta King Gali is a type of Satta king game that is played in the districts of Gali. There is a modern way of naming the satta king game according to the city game in the end. In the bazaars of Gali, you will find many players playing the Satta Matka game in an offline way. In India, there are four types of Satta king game that is being played. Desawar Satta king, Gali satta king, gaziabad satta king and Faridabad satta king. Many khaiwals ( a khaiwal is an intermediator between the player and the satta king company who helps to reach the player's number to the company and vice versa) have started their games except these four games such as Rajkot, new Faridabad, Taj, Hindustan, Peshawar etc.

Is the satta king Faridabad and satta king game the same?

Satta king Faridabad is a type of satta king game that is played between two players or more. One can play this game solo. There is no difference between them. People often confuse rummy with the satta king game but they both are different. It is illegal to play the satta king game in India but still, people choose to play this game by hiding from the police and administrations. Playing satta king online will leave no records of the players and it is difficult to trace. Although the game is illegal still it is very beneficial in keeping ones mind positive. This game includes a huge amount of money in return. The demanding popularity of the satta king game in India is increasing rapidly. Any game that includes money is illegal in India.

Without any hard work, one can become rich by playing this game and this game becomes a passion for many players. People often have greed of earning more money and it results in a huge loss for such people.

Does the satta king leak Jodi number affects the game?

No, the leak numbers do not affect the game in any way. As the websites provide live satta results of every game so there are regular visitors on the website who come to just guess the number and if luck is in your favour then that number is the winning number but that will not provide any money to the guesses unless he invests some money and plays the game. By guessing the numbers the visitors gain experience and then they decide to play the game. Gambling is played in different states by providing the state names at the end of them.

During any party or occasion, many gamble sessions take place and people love to play it out of fun and enjoyment. Offline stores have a different variety of gambling machines to make the game more eye-catching to all its players. Gambling can help you to clear all your debts and clear your losses so that you can live a peaceful life after clearing all the burden.

How to play the satta king game?

The satta king game is a lottery-based game that comes under gambling and people have been playing this game since ancient times.

There will be a variety of different numbers ranging from 0-99 in a Matka or a pot and the player has to select a number of their choice and invest a little amount of money in that number. The company under whom the game is being played will display a number when all the selection and betting of the numbers are done. If the company's number matches with your selected number then you are the winner of this satta king game. The winner will get back triple the amount of money he has invested. This game can change the destiny of people overnight. You can earn a huge amount of money if you win the game. One can play this game in both online and offline methods.

If you choose to play this game offline then there will be a person who is known as a khaiwal, and he will take your selected number to the company and bring the company's selected number to you. The khaiwal acts as an intermediator between the player and the company. If one chooses to play offline then there will be no intermediator working between you and the company and there will be direct contact.

What are the requirements for playing the Satta king game?

For playing the Satta king game, one must have a good and strong internet connection to avoid any kind of buffering during the game. As this game includes money so to avoid any kind of mess in between, the internet connection should have a good signal. One must have a smartphone or desktop or computer from where they can play this game. One of the best advantages that this satta king game provides is, the player can play the game sitting at any corner of the world. The game has no certain age limitations, hence anyone can play this game. There are no certain gender restrictions for this game. Adult, men, women, old age people and even teenagers can also play this game. One does not require any special skills or talent for playing this game. Before playing the game, one must keep a thorough knowledge of the game. The guidelines for playing the Satta king game is easily available on the internet on many sites. One can learn this game very quickly and it is not at all difficult to play. Your financial problems can also get solved by playing this game as this game includes earning money if you win the game.

Where will you get the satta results? ?

There are many websites available on the internet that allows you to play the sattaking game. The website under whom you are playing will display the satta results. Many websites display the satta results every year. If the results are displayed every year then there will be a record of each game that is conducted and along with the winner's number. In that case, you can cross-check your result whenever you want to because the number that has won the game is displayed in an organized way. According to the month of the year, you can view the results of the satta Matka game. The older the game displays its data the more it is beneficial for you presently. To find today's satta king number you can use the historical data. On today's internet, it is not a big deal to get the Satta results. Many websites provide live satta king results daily on their portal. All you have to do is to search the satta results on google and you will get the live satta results immediately.

How can you find a trustworthy website that displays the Satta king results?

If you are playing this game and is worried about viewing the results then do not worry because results are displayed on the website. You can view it from there and if you win, then you will be considered as the king of the game. You must check the website reviews properly before playing the game. Many old players are experienced in playing this game and provide very useful reviews and knowledge for the new players and the learners. Certain websites provide complete whole results of the total year. So one can easily check those websites for viewing the results. The websites that provide you with the guidelines of the game as well a thorough content about the satta king game is a genuine one. You can also check the website reviews for more trust. The experienced players who play and win daily, provide a review of the game and the website for a better understanding purpose for the learners and the visitors.